Maximus Media films for Go Canoe! on Sky Sports Arena

Posted by on Aug 8, 2017 in Production
Maximus Media films for Go Canoe! on Sky Sports Arena

Maximus Media provided production resources to its partner company Mediapack for their contribution to the Sky Sports Arena show ‘Go Canoe!’. Mediapack was engaged by British Canoeing to create sixteen 3-4 minute magazine packages, to go into a thirty minute weekly show about the ICF Canoeing World Cup Series, being put together from event highlights footage by Geneva based ‘Hit The Roof’.

Go Canoe! features action from both the ICF Canoe Slalom and Canoe Sprint World Cups, together with two magazine packages per episode provided by Mediapack.  Maximus Media handled all filming and provided an edit suite for the on line edit of the packages.  Maximus Media’s Roger Burlinson, who is also Creative Director of Mediapack directed, filmed and edited the content, while Mediapack’s Managing Director Helen Reeves presented the show.

The brief was to provide one ‘how to’ package and one general interest package per show and Mediapack created a content plan that would see all the main canoeing disciplines being featured at least once, with Canoe Slalom and Paracanoe featuring twice.  One Canoe Slalom package saw Helen being coached by Rio Olympic Champion Joe Clarke to perform his ‘Banzai Move’, while Helen then also gave a run down on the ins and outs of Canoe Slalom, again with assistance from Joe Clarke and Tokyo hopeful Mallory Franklin.

With barely two months in which to develop ideas, film, edit and deliver the finished packages to the Swiss company’s facilities the pressure was on.  Three solid weeks of filming took place to capture the main bulk of material, with two individual package shoots per day on most days.  This meant that there was roughly three to four hours core time with each set of contributors in which to film everything.  Some packages did need pick up shoots and there was also an opportunity to film at a competition for Wildwater racing in Snowdonia on the same weekend as a shoot at Plas y Brenin, which enabled additional background footage to be gained for that package. Maximus also utilised its own extensive archive of canoeing footage, from World Championships to recreational paddling to provide additional material for many of the pieces.

Maximus Media purchased a new Canon XF300 to handle the main bulk of filming duties, partly due to its ease of use and colour spec.  All shoots were highly time sensitive and production was essentially equivalent to newsreel acquisition so using a camera that is arguably the workhorse of choice for self shooting reporters and directors made sense. Lead times from the series being greenlit were also extremely short, ruling out equipment hires and so the XF’s price point became an even bigger factor. Additional footage for the packages came from an FS100, used as a second wide locked off shot and Go Pros for POV shots.

Go Canoe started airing on Sky Sports Arena on 24th July and will run for eight weeks. Mediapack will also be remastering the individual magazine packages to go onto British Canoeing’s YouTube channel sometime in September.