Mediapack is a partner company that provides creative content solutions for clients, helping small organisations pack a big punch. Mediapack offers total flexibility with services and functions that ‘bolt-on’ to any organisation’s existing capabilities. This unique approach to content creation, especially video production, sets Mediapack apart from all other production companies. Clients can either commission work from Mediapack, get help through training and gain specialist expertise to do the work themselves or a arrange a combination of the two.

Mediapack is all about helping organisations create great content to drive social media channels, build interaction with followers, reach out to wider audiences through the mainstream media and provide promotional benefits through innovative campaigns. But Mediapack is not just another responsive production provider, it’s like having your own ‘off site’ media house – sometimes producing content for you, sometimes giving you additional resources to plug gaps in your own capability but always being there to help shape your strategic goals for content creation.

First, Mediapack provides a complimentary content audit and strategic overview of how an organisation is currently creating and publishing content, of all kinds and across all channels. Then it offers a comprehensive multi-layered plan for sustainable content production, so that every single piece of content that is produced fits a key need or aim. Mediapack can train staff in specialist skills such as video production, so that on a day to day basis they can produce great content that will really work.  It can also provide additional resources for those projects where specialist equipment is lacking, as well as delivering a full service function where the nature of the project requires it.

That’s the beauty of Mediapack. Any organisation, regardless of its size and scale or the technical capabilities of its staff, can enhance and improve its content output because of the breadth of expertise on offer and the flexibility of support that is provided.

Learn more about Mediapack and its range of content production and support tools here.