Mediapack Launched

Posted by on Dec 23, 2016 in Mediapack
Mediapack Launched

Maximus Media has split off its ‘digital toolkit’ service for small businesses – ‘Mediapack‘ – into a brand new stand alone company, in order that Maximus can focus purely on original content.

Mediapack was originally Maximus Media’s branded client offering, providing a complete digital communications toolkit, based largely around video and social content. Now, Mediapack will be a completely separate entity but will remain closely associated with Maximus – Maximus will deliver production resources for some projects and Mediapack will be referred clients who previously commissioned work from Maximus.

The strategic split of client services from original content is a key part in the Maximus Media’s revised focus on its shows and intellectual property, such as The Canoe Show and new sports brand ‘Sport Walk‘.  While Maximus will still undertake some client work – providing production resources for larger Mediapack video projects – it will no longer be a client services company.

For Maximus Media’s many clients, the new structure will present no discernable change, other than the company name.  Operations Manager Helen Reeves has jointly formed the new company with Maximus Media’s founder Roger Burlinson and together they will continue to provide the same expertise and service.  Helen is the Managing Director of Mediapack, while Roger handles the creative side.

Mediapack contains both full service and ‘remote support’ options for creating immersive digital content, giving businesses total flexibility. The new company defines their product offering in simple terms – “You create it with our help, we create it for you or we both create it together”.  This refers to their totally modular approach to content creation, essentially offering a service that adapts to every businesses’ individual circumstances.

Some clients have a content creation capability, possibly producing video or other rich media already and simply need expert assistance or oversight. The Mediapack Skills Workshops can given them a strong grounding to advance their knowledge and then a ‘Remote Support Package’ helps them implement what they’ve learnt to really propel their content operation forward.

Some clients just want a provider to deliver a project for them, such as video production or animated logo sequence to brand their output – this is where the traditional model of production services fits best and in that respect Mediapack offers a highly competitive full service production function.

Other clients though want a mixture of both – perhaps having their own in house capability but lacking higher grade equipment or specialist expertise to deliver specific important projects. Mediapack’s flexible approach to production services means that it can undertake the components clients are less comfortable with or less able to deliver in house and then provide the raw assets for them to take forward from there.

The reality of creative content production in the digital age is that there is no simple ‘one size fits all’ model. Some organisations aren’t able to afford to have a production company deliver the breadth of content they wish to create but they still want to create great content.

Everyone’s situation is different and they need a service that can fit around their own specific circumstances. The key thing is, with Mediapack it’s THEIR choice.  Mediapack simply supports their content program with whatever level of technical support or provision they need and for a highly affordable price.

The Mediapack Digital Toolkit has five basic elements: Film and Video production, rich media Social Content, Media and Communications support, Live Presentation services and Skills Workshops.