Seishan is a British electronic act with a broad scope that draws on many ‘old school’ influences from the early days of Techno, Deep House and Big Beat. The first release is the ‘Visitors EP’, which has a theme of things coming to earth from other parts of the universe. Track one – ‘Visitors’ is an imagining that extra terrestrials are all among us, cloaked to look just like us. Track two – ‘Mars bringer of war’ is a searing electronic adaptation of Gustav Holst’s movement from the Planet Suite and considers man’s rush to conquer the red planet and the potential fight that could ensue as we battle to ‘own’ its resources. The EP ends on a much lighter note with ‘We came to dance’ which was influenced by the film ‘Close encounters of the third kind’ but in Seishan’s world the aliens are visiting because they want to party! The synth lead represents the sounds used to communicate with the space ship in the film while the vocoded voices are the aliens explaining why they’ve really come visiting.

Visitors was release in February 2019 and further releases are set to follow