Sport Walk is a project promoting walking as a sport, where the focus is on performance and achievement.  A good comparison would be to ‘Ultra’ trail running, in terms of the approach to the challenge, with emphasis on training, the use of specialist equipment and technology to track both training and challenge events.  Sport Walk’s slogan is ‘Move Fast, Go Light, Challenge Yourself’ and it aims to be a hub for anyone who either wants to develop their trail walking into something more challenging or for people who would like to take on long adventurous sporting challenges.  Everyone can Sport Walk, it just takes a desire to get fit and a pair of trainers. Sport Walk went fully live in July 2017 following a trial entry at ‘Race to the Stones’ but is currently limited to a blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Expansion will follow however, with a video series on YouTube starting later in 2017 and a range of published challenge walks aimed at building engagement in 2018.