Sport Walk

Sport Walk is a project promoting Sport Walking, a type of endurance walking that’s all about taking on challenges.  A good comparison would be to ‘Ultra trail running’ in terms of the approach, the only difference being that runners will run and Sport Walkers will walk…. fast!

Sport walking is not a fixed prescriptive ‘technique’ like Nordic, Race or Power Walking. It is all about the challenges because that’s where the sport lies. These challenges can take any shape, from an organised ultra-marathon to personal ambitions to walk a National Trail.

Sport Walk’s motto is ‘Move fast, go light, challenge yourself’ and this perfectly sums up what Sport Walking is all about. Move fast – speed is the aim, to walk the challenge route in the fastest time possible. Go light – stripping back traditional walking attire and equipment and adopting lightweight alternatives. Challenge Yourself – push your boundaries and test yourself.

To give an example of Sport Walking’s potential, Sport Walk’s founder completed the 100km Race to the Stones event along the Ridgeway National Trail in under 16 hours non-stop, finishing in the top 50% of all non-stop finishers – walkers AND runners. This means that all the runners finishing behind him might have had a better result if they’d walked!