Tom Taylor Biggs is a singer/songwriter from Southampton, England.  His style could be described as alternative rock but in truth his scope and influences run far broader than that. Tom’s distinctive vocal style and strong guitar hooks are the central focus of every track and unify what is undoubtedly a varied and broad musical palette. It’s hard to pin down a Tom Taylor Biggs composition to a single style or genre – his songs are full of intriguing tones and hooks that are hard to forget.  Every track possesses a poetic narrative too, with Tom’s lyrics often drawing on personal experience.


Tom was previously known in his hometown of Southampton mainly for his solo sets at key local venues ‘The Brook’ and ‘The Joiners’.  He started as an acoustic performer in 2011 but quickly grew, both as an artist and songwriter, and it wasn’t long before his creative output needed more flexibility.

In 2015, while Tom was at college in Guildford, he met Joubert Lurrie and Cameron Websdale and the two talented players were the perfect fit for an equally talented songwriter in search of a bigger sound.


Joubert Lurrie, Drums (left) & Cameron Websdale, Bass (right)

Together, the trio produce a powerful sound for a compact line up, with Joubert’s funky rock drumming style driving the tracks, while Cameron’s fluid musical bass lines underpin Tom’s unusual and captivating guitar lines.

Tom has performed both solo and with his band extensively, including a set at The Great Escape Festival but for the moment, live performance is taking a back seat while the band concentrates more on recording.

They recorded their debut single at Quay West Studios in late 2016 and it was released independently in early 2017 on all the main digital platforms.  ‘Brother’ is a haunting tale of the power of friendship in the face of addiction and the song builds from a dark brooding start into a searing chaotic climax that doesn’t so much hint of the personal turmoil as slap you in the face with it!


Tom laying down the vocals for ‘Brother’

Tom featured in ‘The Biggs Life’ on YouTube, a one off pilot short by Maximus Media, shot during a recording session at the iconic Metropolis Studios in London.  It was designed to be a brief glimpse into the world of an independent artist with a soundtrack featuring snippets from the session and revealed that sometimes getting the music right in the studio is not the biggest issue. The Biggs Life, together with a follow up interview about Tom’s debut single can be seen here.


‘The Biggs Life’

‘Brother’ is available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer and other good digital platforms and there is also a version on ‘The Biggs Life’ channel for YouTube music fans.

As an independent artist, Tom’s future is unpredictable but that’s exactly how he likes it.  His plan – simply to record, release and perform his music to whoever likes it could take years to bear fruit or it could take just a few months – that’s the nature of the music business today.  Tom’s not interested in playing the game though, he’s a ‘conviction’ artist and all that’s important to him is giving life to his songs and sharing them with the world.


Tom Taylor Biggs essential contacts:

Management partner – Maximus Media

Press, publicity & media partner – Mediapack

Publishing & distribution – Tunecore


All business or commercial proposals to Roger Burlinson at Maximus Media.